Don't run the risk of potential hearing loss. Electronic drum kits could be delivering direct to your ears sound levels well above the safe limit. Playing drums or listening to loud amplified music without ear protection usually exposes you to 100-151db. You should have ear protectors on when playing acoustic drums but you will have no protection from electronic drum earphones.

Human hearing starts to become a risk at 90db
Exposure to a 100dBA sound for approximately two hours requires at least 16 hours of rest for the ears if hearing loss is not to become permanent.

For instance a new report shows that as an example personal music players are set at 100db however some in ear headphones can actually deliver levels of sound much louder than this. Electronic drum kits could be even higher.

We conducted a simple test using 5a wood tipped sticks and a hand held decibel meter on 12" BS720 pad held approximately two drumstick lengths away from the pad and drum.

The pad scored 45db
The snare drum 87db and above

This is not a scientific test but shows how a low reading can be achieved using one of our pads.

Our practice kits will give you hours of safe drum practice and could even save your hearing.