I love my pads from Bill, superb quality and feel, as always!

Steve White –  whiteydrums.com

Bill’s practice pads are my favorite. They have a unique feel which for me benefits touch, dynamics, and articulation, which makes for a better pad-to-drum transition. And they look cool!

Neal Wilkinson – Neal’s Twitter:  @nwdrums

I’m really diggin’ the Bill Sanders new knee pad. Great stuff from the British legend that has been making practice pads since I was in nappies. Mastery takes a long time, whether its developing your own technique or the perfect practice pad. Bill has reached that point.

Pete Lockett  www.petelockett.com

Thanks Bill for introducing me to these wonderful products.

Both the Brush Pad and the Heavy-duty Tripod Stand & Pad pad feel great to play, are strong and very durable.
I highly recommend these products to players of any level. They are superb!

Vince Dunn - info@vincedunn.london

Bill Sanders practice pads are legendary here in the UK. There can't be many drummers who have never played one. The stick response is excellent and the pads are incredibly durable. When I first moved to London I had one of his original practice kits which was a godsend when living in a flat.

Of more recent times I have been proud to be associated with Bill and his products. He is constantly innovating and developing valuable new practice aids, the micro pad and the brush pad are firm favourites. Great British products which represent a shrewd investment for drummers everywhere.

Pete Cater - www.petecater.org

Being partially deaf, the introduction of Bill’s Heavy Duty Tripod Stand and Pad for the Corps of Drums of a marching band are fantastic. Not only in their design, being fully adjustable to height and angle, but in noise reduction in the confines of a practice room allowing me to continue for a few more years! Each and every drummer in our Corps love them far outweighing the table top pads. It also gives us the flexibility of practicing at home, something that we couldn’t do with the drums. I cannot recommend them more to anyone who needs practice pads being adjustable to suit any playing position. A great product thank you.

Kevin Harris – Principal Drummer, South Wales Police Band

I learnt to play drums on a Bill Sanders Practice Kit with my first teacher Trevor Benham. I use Bill’s pads to this day for both my private teaching and Masterclasses. They are extremely hard wearing and feel great. Highly recommended!

Darren Ashford – Drum Tutor at ICMP and BIMM – www.darrenashford.com

There isn’t anything else to say that other people haven’t already said regarding the brilliant product of the practice kits and pads. I’ve been using the BS range for a while and they never disappoint. For my own practice or teaching, they provide the perfect feel and with near silent volume. Although I have most products, the most useful for me is the BS 720 and the mini pad. The mini pad stays in the stick bag and the pad on a stand is the most useful whether I’m blasting rudiments and exercises at home or on the road. The Deadbeat cymbal silencers are not just great for real feel cymbal practice but also double up as protectors when in the case.

Bill is a great guy to deal with and I will recommend his products to every drummer I meet.

Matt Green – www.mattgreen.org.uk


I’ve been using the Bill Sanders practice kit since the beginning and I have to say that if it's wasn't for Bill's kit I wouldn't be able to practice anywhere near as much as I do. Thanks Bill!

Lloyd Ryan - www.lloydryan.co.uk


I’ve recently been using the Bill Sanders mini pad and Knee pod bundle which has a fantastic response and durability, I’ve been recommending all of my students to get their hands on these excellent products from Bill. For me it’s a great portable option that my students can practice their rudiments on the go ! I ’d recommend to any educator and pupil to try Bills products first class!

Simon Wagstaff Drum Tutor / Simon John’s Vintage Drum Show


I warm up before a show and it wouldn't be possible without my 7" Mini Pad which I carry in my hand luggage and especially without my Button Pad which lives in it's own pocket in my stage wardrobe bag. The pads provide just the right balance of feel and dynamics that I've never found in any other practice pad; I even love the tone from the pad, not to mention the outstanding build quality and cool looks... I never leave home without them.
And I absolutely love the Shell Mate (shell protector)...I have a few.... in fact, I've one for each tom, each snare and a spare in my stick bag. Why, I hear you ask; I play on so many house kits on tour and I need to protect the shell of my snare drums that I'm using on the gig and when I'm on my drumset, the tom shell mate does the job perfectly. It's a premium product that protects my drums, my pride and joy... I wouldn't work without one! 

Jason Smith - Freelance Session and Touring Drummer



The Bill Sanders Pads are sturdily constructed, tough & easily maintained; we still have some of our originals going strong! after 10 years.
They do a great job of standing up to the heavy practice schedules expected from our students. They are an essential learning tool for the classroom.

Pete Whittard – Operations Director at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance www.icmp.ac.uk

I have a 5 piece practice kit, a stand-alone pad and two table-top pads in both of my studios, and use them with my students all the time!
Great feel, great design, great pads!

Colin Woolway – DRUMSENSE DIRECTOR www.drumsense.com

We recommend using Bill’s practice pads to all our drum students at BIMM in Brighton. They’re versatile, great for hand development and sound good too, yet tough enough to withstand the constant battering they get from our students!

Adam Bushell – Head of Drums at Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) www.bimm.co.uk

The Bill Sanders Practice Pads are incredibly strong and really nice to play. Our students have started enjoying their pad work a lot more since we started using them in our studio.

Tom O. Mitchell – Director, DrumWise www.drumwise.co.uk

I have known and used Bill Sanders Practice Kits for over 30 years; in fact, I still have one of his original wooden kits in daily use at my studio. I have always liked his kits, especially the highly responsive pads he uses. You can’t cheat your practice on these pads, unlike electronic kits. I highly recommend them to all my students.

Joel Rothman Well known teacher and drum book writer www.joelrothman.com

There are two key things to consider when choosing a company to use exclusively; the products and the person behind them. Bill brings a level of excellence to both! As an educator these pads have been an invaluable tool, and as a musician they have helped me achieve new levels in my playing. Alongside all of this; Bill has always been a strong supporter and encourage of the work being done by the drummers using his pads. Great products and great company!

AJ Rousell - Drummer, Educator, Author, Founder & Director of ‘The Drummer’s Odyssey Camp’- www.ajrousell.com

I would like to thank Bill Sanders for providing me with the best practice pads I've ever had. Apart from the fantastic rebound and the excellent quality what I like most is the good sound of the pads. The Bill Sanders practice pad is the only pad on the market which has a good sound. I only regret that those pads were not available for me as a young lad.- Both my family and neighbors would have very much welcomed them as before, the banging on my drums for countless hours back in the day would definitely have got on their “West Ham Reserves”. Kind regards –viele Grüße aus Deutschland

Robert Strobel - Darmstadt Staatstheater, Tigerpalast, Franfurt

A superb tool to build and develop your technique.

Vince Dunn - The Vince Dunn Orchestra; https://vincedunn.london/

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of good things about Bill Sanders practice pads, but it was only when I tried one that I realised I needed to own one! The response is unbelievable and so playable that you just can't wait to get back to it. The stand is sturdy and gives me the chance to demonstrate techniques in a masterclass situation right next to the kit. It works great at home or on the road. Bill has worked hard on his business and I highly recommend you check out his products, you will not be disappointed. Well done Bill, keep up the good work!!

Rob Brian - (Loreena McKennitt, Goldfrapp, Laura Pausini, Siouxsie Sioux, Simple Minds, Miles Kane, Peter Gabriel). www.robertbrian.com

I've been using the absolutely brilliant Bill Sanders practice pads for over six years now and was introduced to them when I began teaching at the ICMP in London. They have a unique British feel and sound. They inspire you to be technically cleaner so you can't cheat. They are also super sturdy. I’m looking forward to using them in my own private teaching practice.

Gabor Dornyei Harrow Drum School

In over thirty years of drum tutoring, the only practise kit I have used and recommended to my students has been the Bill Sanders kit. The feel from the pads is as close as you’ll get to a real drum head unlike the feel of a ‘mesh’ head and others even on (much more expensive) electronic kits. Drumming is about co ordination, independence and technique all of which can be perfected on this kit before applying those skills to the drums. Whilst not totally silent, it is quiet enough to avoid upsetting neighbours but audible enough to hear what is being played. It is a testament to the build quality that, in all that time, I have never had to replace the kit or any single part of it!

Geoff Isaacs – Drum Tuition www.geoffisaacs.co.uk

I have been using Bill Sanders practice pads and kits for over 15 years. It seems you can’t go to an establishment that is serious about drum tuition without seeing Bill’s pads getting a constant hammering from eager students. Thats why; on opening my own drum studio in 2004 I knew I had to get them in. My students love them and quite often invest in their own pads for home practice. If you are serious about your practice invest in one of these excellent pads.

Dave Hazelwood – Tunbridge Wells Music School. www.twmusicschool.com

“I have used Bill Sanders practice pads for a while now for Drum kit tuition and snare drum tuition. They are very strong, sturdy and the workmanship in every pad I have tried or used is second to none. The response from the pad is very good and not spongy like some other pads on the market. The pads can be quite unforgiving and will certainly expose any weakness in your technique, which can only be a good thing! The tripod that the pads are mounted on are fully adjustable so that you can play sitting down or standing up which a lot of my snare drumming students especially like. I would not hesitate to recommend Bill Sanders practice systems, well worth the money and definitely built to last.”

Mark McLaughlan – www.drum-tuition-lessons.co.uk

Orchard Percussion Studio has been using Bill Sanders’ practice pads and kits for many years and without doubt they are the best pads and kits on the market. The individual pad on a stand is very well made and robust with easily adjustable height. The pads have a really nice feel and the right bounce which is essential when practicing. I have no hesitation in recommending these products to any player who needs a practice kit.

Paul Francis – Orchard Percussion Studio, London Road, Great Horkesley, Colchester CO6 4DA www.orchardpercussionstudio.co.uk

“I have known Bill for a long time. He has a problem – his products are too damm good!
They sound perfect and offer a great feel, they are made to take a beating from the worst of drummers, and since I have used them at LCCM, for the past ten years, none of them have broken!
Worst of all, he keeps trying to get me to buy more – but they never break!
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to practice with the best product in the market.

Geoff Hemsley – LCCM LTD www.lccm.org.uk

I have personally known Bill for over 30 years and I even have one of his original wooden kits. His kits have always been unparalleld in quality,strength and durability. The special rubber he uses is the secret of the success of his kits.I know it is the best Practice kit in the world. Well done Bill keep it up and get everybody practicing.

Phil Solomon – Drum Study (Editor/Owner)

These practice pads are superb. I use them on every lesson I give my students, and for warming up before playing a gig. The rebound qualities of the playing head is crucial when chosing a practice pad and, to me, these are spot on. The stand that the pad is mounted on is rock solid and can be extended so that it can be used in a standing playing position. These pads are strong as a tank and playable as a well tensioned drum head. They are an essential piece of equipment here at the drum school and I’m delighted to recommend them.

Ian Fereday – Repercussion Drum School www.repercussiondrumschool.co.uk